Articles for Business Analysts

Articles for Business Analysts

A proposal for self regulation by Business Analysts

This article proposes how BAs could regulate and certificate themselves and the benefits this gives to BAs, training organisations and employers!

This article is only a proposition – the start of an idea. Anyone who is interested should take it, expand it, and use it. Smart-BA would love to be a part of it, but we don’t have to be…the main thing is to get BAs thinking about taking control of their own certification.
Download “The Guild of Business Analysts” PDF

Business Process Modelling – Why do it & How to do it

This article was written for Modern Analyst and discusses the pivotal role of process modelling, outlines the fundamentals of process modelling using Business Process Modelling Notation (BMPN) and invites you to have a go and get your model published on this site!
Download “Business Process Modelling – Why & How” PDF

Business Data Modelling – Why do it & How to do it

This article covers the neglected role of data modelling and outlines the fundamentals of data modelling using Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD).
Download “Business Data Modelling – Why & How” PDF

Questions analysts need to ask and what products should be used to document them.

A simple checklist of things business analysts need to know to do the job of analysis, and the name of the product that would be used to document the answer.
Analysis questions and answers Excel spreadsheet

A template for documenting the main products of business analysis.

A simple spreadsheet for documenting things business analysts need to document to do the job of analysis. A computer aided software engineering (CASE) tool would be better but this is better than nothing…maybe!
Terms of Reference Excel spreadsheet

The value of Business Analysis

This article was written for Modern Analyst and looks at the top 6 reasons for project failure and considers whether Business Analysis helps avoid them.
Download “Benefits of Business Analysis” PDF

So You Want To Be A Business Analyst…

This article was also written for Modern Analyst and is for those just thinking about whether a career in Business Analysis is right for them.
Download “Starting Out As A Business Analyst…” PDF

The Fundamentals of Business Analysis

This article was written for Project Manager Today and covers the fundamental issues facing business analysis: it considers where Business Analysis came from, where it currently is and projections for where it will go – and the issues it will face.
Download “The Fundamentals of Business Analysis” PDF

Business Analysis Methods, Fads and Fashions

This talk was given at the the Project Challenge Show in Olympia and aims to debunk the subject area and expose what is – in essence – the simple (if hard) process of business analysis. It uncovers the framework that is behind every method and make the case for a pragmatic and practical use of that framework in the analysis of business changes.
Download “Business Analysis Framework Presentation ” PDF

Scope of Business Analysis and an Outline Cost Justification

Putting someone in to a role called Business Analyst does not make them one. This short presentation introduces you to the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ of Business Analysis and outline the value of Business Analysis as an activity.
Download “The Case For Business Analysis” PDF

Business Analysis Chain of Reasoning

There is a chain of reasoning that leads from a statement of a problem to the definition of a solution. If any part of that chain is missing, a poor quality (at best) or wrong (at worst) solution will be delivered. This paper presents a high-level overview of the logical steps involved in moving from problem to solution.
Download “Business Analysis Chain of Reasoning” PDF

Two Perspectives: Sponsors Vs Business Analysts

This article for the International Institute of Business Analysts proposes that Sponsors have different expectations of what role and function Business Analysts play in a change project compared to the role and function that Business Analysts need to perform. This mismatch of expectations results in Sponsor and Business Analyst frustrations. The solution that is proposed is that Business Analysts need to demonstrate through performance of their activities that their role and function is a logical consequence of change project life-cycles – that there is no rational alternative for successful projects.
Download “Two Perspectives: Sponsors Vs Business Analysts” PDF

Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools – Why Aren’t They Used More?

This is the presentation that Business Analyst Solutions gave to the ProVision user conference – it enquires in to the reasons for the poor take-up of CASE tools commercially covering the scope of Business Analysis, Business Models and alignment with strategy.
Download “The Business Analyst The Business Model and the Strategy” PDF

Business Analysis – it ain’t rocket science!

This is the presentation that Business Analyst Solutions gave to Project Challenge conference – Projects can fail: the presentation analyses some real-life examples of what goes wrong, why and what Business Analysts should be doing to mitigate the risk of failure. It challenges the idea that Business Analysis is hard or that it is an art: it is more closely aligned with a science which follows a chain of reasoning leading from the precise definition of a problem/opportunity to a set of solutions, proving every step of the way that each subsequent step is aimed at resolving the problem/exploiting the opportunity.
Download “Business Analysis – it ain’t rocket science!” PDF

The Importance of the Business Analyst Role

This article for the International Institute of Business Analysts proposes argues that as a programme cannot proceed in a rational fashion without the activities that the business analyst performs, BAs must be considered fundamentally important.
Download “Why BAs are important for Enterprise Programmes” PDF